Collaborations (test)

We are happy when we can put our creativity into a unique project that gives us freedom and excitement and for a client that we particularly love.

In the past years, we worked on assignments on both unique art pieces and bespoke designs. Walk through our different collaborations below, and if this give you a special idea and are you looking for a bespoke design with Studio ROOF’s signature, feel free to contact us at!

Hermes NYC and Munich

We were commissioned to design a Christmas ornament ‘reindeer cat’ and a Pegasus for the opening of the new Hermes flagship store at Madison Square.

Petit H, Hermes

Throughout 5 years, Romy and Ilya created a serie of unique pieces, both functional and decorative for the workshop Petit H belonging to the family Hermes. All materials used for these unique pieces, leather and porcelain in this case, are materials that Hermes had no further use for.

Grand Train, SNCF

We are not shy about our love for France, and therefore we burst of creativity to create a collection of small pop out cards inspired by the most famous landscape for the client Grand Train from the nation French nation railway SNCF.

The King’s Menagerie

We designed a collection based on the famous menagerie of the Palace of Versailles for RMNG, the official organization for the national museums in France. Built from 1662 on the estate, its vocation was to house the wild and exotic animals of King Louis XIV. His impressive collection of animals allowed the king to show his power.