Giving back

Pictures: Rolinda Windhorst

As much as we feel grateful to be able to live our lives by creating products that we love and spark the imagination, we’re also aware that there is still great inequality in the world. In 2016, Romy was introduced to the NGO Karm Marg, based in Faridabad, Delhi.

Karm Marg is a home that teaches disadvantaged children and youngsters to become self-sustaining. The foundation provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for around 30 to 40 kids of different age groups and with different capacities. Since its inception 25 years ago, several new generations have been raised with love and care to become independent and autonomous people who can contribute to society.

Pictures made during our last visit in spring 2022

5 years ago we started a special charity program for the Karm Marg children’s home in India. 5% of the revenues of our fairtrade Christmas collection goes directly to this important project, that guides orphans to an independent life as adults.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we hadn’t been able to visit the children for a few years. But this spring we joined them to celebrate their 25th birthday party.

Studio manager Anaël Patry, stylist Inès Beeftink and photographer Rolinda Windhorst had great fun with the kids.
Together they assembled Studio ROOF’s bugs, butterflies and birds and also made two enormous peacocks that now adorn the entrance of the home. A memorable visit, both for the children and us.

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The people behind Karm Marg