affordable and creative art pieces that do right by people and the world around us


We love to create sustainable products that sparkle the imagination!
Our main sources of inspiration lie in nature, art, and different cultures.
Our goal is to make affordable and creative art pieces that do right by people and the world around us.

Our products are made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks.
They all last a very long time but, in case you no longer want them, they can also be recycled.

We work with the best suppliers that operate with transparency and integrity,
complying with international laws. Since Summer 2022 we are also producing locally.

It was always our wish to work with a Dutch company and finally we found the perfect match. This season the first batches are rolling off the production line just a 30 kilometers drive from our studio, so from now on we can proudly put on our packaging: Amsterdam made!

Every design we make represents a new tree planted every year via the Trees for All foundation.
Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad and offsets carbon emissions.
Their mission is to plant new forests worldwide and to restore existing forests. They achieve this by supporting sustainable forest projects.
In this way they contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people.

Check out more about this foundation on their website

We regularly have to travel to attend international trade shows, but we avoid as much as possible traveling by air.

In case we need to do so, we compensate for the carbon emissions by planting extra trees on top of the ones that we plant for our product range.

We are constantly doing our best to do our share in improving the world around us, reducing our ecological footprint without impacting the quality and affordability of our colorful products.