Jantien Baas

A new art floral collection!

Jantien Baas graduated in 2005 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague as a textile designer. Since then she has developed her design skills in a variety of projects. She was a co-founder of the brand Tas-ka and, since 2018, started her own independent design studio, Studio Jantien Baas.

Jantien Baas has a very sensitive and intuitive way of perceiving the world around her. Most of the time she starts a new collection by drawing patterns to then add colours, generating exciting combinations.

Though she loves working with textiles and has developed her own collection of them, she is not limited to it. Jantien also loves to work with other natural materials, like paper and wood.

When Romy, creative director of Studio ROOF, first saw Jantien’s unique paper flower artworks, she immediately knew there was a strong connection with Studio ROOF.

The ROOF-Baas collaboration took off in September 2020 with a wonderful floral art collection, in which the shared love for colours and nature comes together in a typical Studio ROOF 3D style.

Have a glimpse of Jantien at work in her atelier here:


Discover the collection…

Mobile Cordelia

Mobile Ophelia

Summer Jazz

Spring Boogie

Winter Waltz

Autumn Tango